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  Email:     Dave Wittrock:  Cell 415 609 5040
                 Jackie Price:   Cell 925-890-5109        


Our firm is a corporate tax consulting specialty practice. In addition to corporate tax consulting and compliance, we act as the contracted tax department for small and mid market companies.

Many private and mid tier public companies cannot justify the expense of a full time tax department, but they face a growing number of tax issues.  And auditing and SEC rules may require an independent party to provide services such as transfer pricing and the financial statement income tax provision. This is true even for private companies if they intend to go public in the next few years.

The solution is a tax director on a consulting basis, until the company grows into a full time tax department. The benefits of this approach include:

  • Lower cost than outside firms or a full time tax department
  • On site, personal attention and intimate knowledge of the business
  • Compliance with independence requirements for outside auditors